T-5 Transmission Kit

The Cornhusker 5 Speed Conversion Package allows you to run a lower rear end ratio for increased acceleration, with an overdrive for longer engine life and increased fuel mileage. You furnish the transmission from an ’85 to ’92 and ’93 and up S10 P.U. or Blazer, without the bellhousing, built in. We furnishing the following:

  • Cast Aluminum bellhousing
  • Throwout bearing assembly with all machine work completed
  • Custom machined pilot bushing
  • Throwout bearing fork
  • Return spring
  • Lower clutch shaft; early or late
  • Bolts and instructions

The kit is bolt-on to the early block. The 8BA will require the pickup or truck bellhousing. You use your original pressure plate, and a Chevy clutch disc. The conversion requires the use of an open drive rear. The kit also work with many other GM 3 and 4 speed transmissions. Clutch linkage and rear transmount fabrication may be required.

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